Revamped Beauty Salon is available for events on Sundays and Mondays.

Karen Morring- Communications Specialist

Interested in vending/vendor opportunities, event planning, (yes, you can use this great space for events), etc…then look no further! My name is Karen and I am Revamped Beauty Salon’s Director of Communications. With an extensive background in customer service and networking, I manage the salon’s relationship with the public. The older sister to Revamp’s Owner, I have a vested interest in our customer’s overall beauty experience! A registered nurse by day, I have passion of providing the best patient care experience. I bring this same passion, work ethic, and commitment to Revamped Beauty Salon to show the world this amazing atmosphere with an amazing team!

Below are a list of amenities:

  • Approximately 2000 sq feet
  • Posh and modern atmosphere
  • Free Wi Fi
  • Optional Event Coordinator/Host
  • Optional Decorator
  • Optional Clean-up services
  • Street and Lot Parking

Please email Karen Morring, our Director of Communications for all of your event planning needs at


The Venue

Pamper Party Spring Edition 2016

The Grand Opening

The Pamper Party